Sandesh Prasannakumar preparing for Thailand Superbike Championship 2018

Sandesh Prasannakumar preparing for Thailand Superbike Championship 2018

Sandesh Prannakumar is an arduous, meticulous and speed loving bike racer. Although it was not decided that he will be a bike racer one day, he was destined to be one. His inclination towards sports was however quite evident since his childhood. He even played Zonals under 14 cricket for a year and opted out as India’s most popular sport couldn’t hold his interest for long.

It was after he received a bike on his 20th birthday that he fell in love with speed and there was no looking back since then. Matching up to his dreams, he won his debut motorbike race in 2011 named Nandi Hill climb. Then he didn’t know that he was the champion in the making who will one day become the first Indian to do a Lap Record in Buddh International Circuit in the year 2015.

Winner of JK Tyre Superbike Cup race (2016), Sandesh Prasannakumar has also finished podium 3rd at Malaysia Superbike Championship (2015) in Superstock 1000cc category. This was his maiden international race. Earlier, he also finished a runner-up in the Yamaha One make championship in 2012 and got selected in Underbone Race (Indonesia).

Sandesh has his belts tightly fastened to pump up his motorcycle in Thailand Superbike Championship in superbike category which is supposed to be the toughest championship in Asia in motorcycle racing. No Indian has participated in Thailand Championship on a 1000cc yet. Challenging himself further, he also looks forward to a wild card entry in Asia Supermoto championship which is scheduled to be held in Bangalore, India. He will also participate in the JK Tyre National Superbike Cup which will be held in Delhi.

Sandesh Prasannakumar believes that fitness, zeal, rigorous training and undying passion for the sport together can make one a winner no matter how hard the competition.


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