Durg: You will be surprised to know the reason for the murder in Mohlai area ...

Durg: You will be surprised to know the reason for the murder in Mohlai area ...

According to the police, the cause of the murder was not an old rule or a big reason but according to the police, the house of a young man, who was killed two days ago in Chalisgarh's Dahal district, There is a dispute over asking for the way. The accused is a drug addicts of Panchsheel Nagar near the site of the incident area, who are roaming in a state of addiction. The culprits in charge of the police are Sudha Badamash Kedar Nishad. Police have arrested three accused, including a minor accused in this case, for the crime of murder. At the same time, two accused police are out of the limelight, the police are engaged in search of them.

On the morning of 23rd morning, the body of B Bhaskar, a resident of Bhilai Hospital Sector, got the body of the Mohallai community building. The murder of the young man had been knit with the knife and was beaten with stones, which had blood in the face. The killers thrown the deceased's bike into the resident area of ​​Panchsheel town and made a bloody spot in the doors of some houses due to the change in the incident with blood cloting clothes, causing the police to be misguided. The police started on the spot and started looking for them. The address of the deceased first came from the number of the car. After that, the information of the miscreants of that area was extracted. The coals got added together and the police got clues to reach the accused.

, Additional Superintendent of Police Rohit Jha said while giving information, the deceased B Bhaskar resides in Bhilai's Hospital Sector. The deceased reached the Panchasheel town of the fort in his bike, but the path got wandered. He asked the youths standing there to return to Bhilai. The debate on which the deceased debate started. The accused took B Bhaskar to the back of the community building on the side of the Mohawala Road and injured him with the first stone, and, after his unconscious, with a sharp knife, made him run round his throat, which resulted in the death of the young man on the spot. The police are currently searching for two accused.


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