Dead body found in river of trader missing for two days, stirred up people

Dead body found in river of trader missing for two days, stirred up people

On Sunday, a person found a floating body in the Shivnath River in Durg district, sensation spread in the area.


Durg. On Sunday, a person's floating body was found dead in Shivnath River in Durg district of Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh). After seeing the corpse, the local people immediately informed it to the police, after which the police reached the spot and called the divers to take the corpse out of the river. With the help of divers, the dead body of the person was taken out of the river. The deceased has been identified as Hiradas Khemani, a cloth merchant of Supela Chowk Bhilai (Bhilai).

The whole case

According to the information received, the businessman was missing for the last two days. Two days ago, the cloth merchant Hiradas did not reach his house that day after closing his shop. The housemates did a lot of research but nothing was found anywhere. Now two days later, the businessman's body is found in Mohlei Eniket, due to which the family members are crying.

Police engaged in investigation

However, the Pulgaon police has sent a dead body to the mortuary for post-mortem. Simultaneously, the police have registered the case and started further investigation. The police is finding out that if the person has committed suicide then what was the reason behind it and why someone else has committed the murder, then why. Police has gathered in the investigation of this entire case.


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