Durg: 10 crore rupees came from MNREGA: With the help of bank associates, they got a lot of help

Durg: 10 crore rupees came from MNREGA: With the help of bank associates, they got a lot of help

In the lockdown, bank associates did wonders, villagers made a withdrawal of 57 lakh rupees with their help

The front of the fight against Corona also contributed to women who served villagers in the form of bank sakhi in rural areas as kovid fighters. MGNREGA presented the option for Jan Dhan account and pension payment. This led to two benefits during the lockdown. The villagers also did not have to turn to bank branches and the banks also helped in controlling the crowd. The District Panchayat CEO Mr. Kundan Kumar said that the government's initiative to provide the facility of banks in the form of bank associates has proved very useful and is a boon for the villagers in the period of lockdown. Every day about five lakh rupees are being withdrawn through these bank credentials. During the lockdown period, Rs. 57 lakh has been withdrawn by the villagers through bank accounts. It is noteworthy that not only people are being provided with the facility of withdrawal by the bank associates, but social distancing is also being followed. They are being told about the possibility of corona infection. Then hands are being sanitized. Wearing masks is also being reported. The CEO said that the bank associates have done an amazing job. When I spoke to him even in the visits to the inner villages, he had enough awareness. They also brought it to the villagers who came to draw the amount. In this way, the awareness message about prevention from corona has reached a large section.

Withdrawal of Pension to Elderly- The best thing is that the elders did not have to go to the bank branches to withdraw the pension or funds from Jan Dhan account. Due to the lack of public transport due to the lockdown, one would have to face the trouble, even if someone reached the bank branch with the help of someone, there would have to be the trouble of getting in a long line. This problem was solved by the bank associates.
Electricity bills, mobile recharge too - in view of the disaster of Kovid, limited means of connecting with the world are in the village. Out of these, there is also internet and TV, but will have to be recharged. For this, the bank became a friend. Villagers recharged mobiles, paid for DTH, paid electricity bills as well. In this way, the bankers have helped the rural people a lot by helping online transactions. This also made them aware and would be able to compete with Kovid more strongly. It is noteworthy that 42 women self help groups are working as bank sakhi and serving villagers.
Withdrawal of such amount in these blocks- Back Sakhis made Rs 7,72,893 in Janpad Panchayat Durg, Rs 19,78,740 in Janpad Panchayat Dhamdha and 30,40,061 Janpad Panchayat Patan, thus making a total withdrawal of Rs 57,91,694 available to villagers.


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