Narayanpur: Junk in front of the torment of fragrance, mountains of Maad forest - safe delivery among bushes

Narayanpur: Junk in front of the torment of fragrance, mountains of Maad forest - safe delivery among bushes

Corona virus (Covid-19) is bent on taking the lives of people in the country. At the same time, the work of saving lives is being done in the Naxalite affected district Narayanpur. The health worker made safe deliveries among the dense forest-bushes of the famous village Kurushnar, by the entry of Abujhmad. As if in front of the child's killers, it seemed as if the forest-hills had bowed down. This is about 55 hours before the news, i.e. 24th morning. In this way, two lives in crisis, a mother and child were saved in time.

May I call the health workers of Maad Jeevan Pardhani or revered, I have a spell of words. Today again, the story of Dasharat Manjhi of the state of Bihar, about 38 years old, is remembered. Whose wife, while carrying food, fell into the mountain pass and died. Manjhi did not forget his wife's pain and helplessness. If the mountain would not have stopped, the distance to the hospital would have been reduced and his life would have been saved. But the mountain stood on the road. Majhi, with a chisel hammer in the chest of the same mountain for about 22 years, made such an attack that he cut the mountain and made way, which is an example for the country.

First of all, let me tell you that in Kushnara village, we were doing immunization and malaria screening with rescue work from the rural health coordinator Mrs. Chandrakiran Nag and Kamlesh Karanga Korano. Just then, information was received from Mitannin of the village that about 3-4 kilometers away in the mercury of Elakay, a pregnant woman is saying childbirth. Mrs Nag understood the seriousness of the situation and ran without losing time. She told her partner to call for an ambulance. As if by crossing the jungle and mountain, she came to the pregnant woman, whose condition was serious and distressing.

Here his partner was unable to call the ambulance due to lack of mobile net. It is said that in odd situations, the intellect either stops working, or it starts moving fast. Karanga climbed a tree and attempted a net in the mobile. His effort was successful. The ambulance got a call, but said the ambulance was delayed due to it. On the other hand, the Women's Health Connection did not lose heart. She slowly inspired pregnant pregnant husband Bal Singh to walk to the foot health center. After walking a bit, the courage and courage of the pregnant Suganti broke. To not break the spirits, Chandrakiran took some distance on his back and to some extent Mitanin also supported him.

They crossed bumpy, rocky trails, jungle-mountain dunes and ravines. Seeing more labor pains, health activist Chandrakiran decided to call the women who came to the forest forest nearby and make safe deliveries in the jungle-flag. His work was successful and Suganti gave birth to a healthy child. The standing women clapped and thanked Chandra Kiran, Karanga and Mitannin. After some distance, the ambulance arrived. Where the mother-child was referred to Narayanpur District Hospital. He is undergoing necessary treatment in the hospital. Apart from doctors, work pressure is very high on the field health staff, but their one consolation is enough to make the patient and his family smile.


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