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DURG Collector-SP has vaccinated, so far more than eleven and a half thousand have been vaccinated

Vaccinated at ten o'clock in the morning after reaching Kovid vaccination center

Durg  / Collector Dr. Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure and SP Shri Prashant Thakur also visited Corona Vaccine at the Vaccination Center of District Hospital. Along with him, the chief officers of the collectorate also reached the vaccination center today and got vaccinated. According to the Kovid protocol all formalities were completed. According to protocol, the hospital staff gave all the information related to Kovid vaccine to the authorities. After this, according to the protocol, it was seen that after applying the vaccine, there is no side effect. The vaccine remained completely safe.

Collector and SP as well as principal officers of district administration, Additional Collector Mr. Prakash Surve, Mr. BB Panchabhai, Assistant Collector Mr. Jitendra Yadav, Durg SDM Mr. Khemlal Verma, Patan SDM Mr. Vinay Poyam, CSP Mr. Vivke Shukla, Deputy Collector Mr. Arun Verma, Ms. Divya Vaishnav and other officials also got vaccinated.
So far, more than eleven thousand six hundred vaccines have been installed in the district. All have been vaccinated safely. CMHO Dr. Gambhir Singh Thakur said that today the chief officers including the Collector and SP were vaccinated. After vaccination, they were kept under observation for a fixed period. These did not show any side effects from the vaccine.
He informed that vaccination work is being done daily in all centers. Health workers were vaccinated in the first phase. It is being monitored daily. According to the protocol, all things like cold chain are being followed. He told that the information comes on the mobile number of those who have to be vaccinated.


Corona Warriors' important contribution in stopping corona infection -Home Minister Shri Tamradhwaj Sahu honored Corona Warriors

Program organized in Gondwana Bhavan

durg 8 February 2021 / Corona Warriors deserve praise for the way Corona Warriors have served their people and controlled the growing risk of Corona infection in the district, despite the serious threat of Corona. This was stated by Home and PWD Minister Shri Tamradhwaj Sahu on the occasion of the program organized at Gondwana Bhavan.
The Home Minister said that Corona Warriors assisted people during the peak of the Kovid transition. Worked hard day and night. Durg district is an industrial district and there is a lot of movement from other states. Due to this, there was a lot of possibility of spreading of Kovid infection here. The Corona Warriors did important work to prevent this disaster.
The Home Minister said that social organizations also had good participation in it. He helped people a lot during the lockdown. Those trapped during the lockdown were greatly assisted by the Corona Warriors. Due to the quick availability of treatment by Corona Warriors, many patients were saved.
The event was organized by Om Satyam Teaching and Public Development Committee. Chairman Mr. Sitaram Thakur and Secretary Mr. Dilip Thakur thanked the Home Minister on the occasion. On this occasion, District Panchayat President Mrs. Shalini Yadav, District President Durg Mr. Devendra Deshmukh, Jeevandeep Committee Member Mr. Dushyant Dewangan and other public representatives were present.

Suspected of TB, Corona fearing investigation, some end up in danger

Durg. 63-year-old Vimala Tiwari (name changed), living in the Navai region of Durg (Chhattisgarh) district of Chhattisgarh, got so bad in the last week of December 2020 that she had to be admitted to the ICU for a week. . Earlier, he was treated at Chandulal Chandrakar Hospital, Bhilai. It was not possible to get treatment here, doctors advised to take them elsewhere. In the investigation report, his heart was found to be filled with water. Family members hurriedly admitted him to the Advanced Cardiac Institute, Raipur, run by the state government. Here, his treatment started under the supervision of Dr. Smit Srivastava.

Dr. Smit Srivastava says that the patient was admitted in critical condition. If there was a delay in extracting water near the heart, then his life could be lost. In counseling, patients and their families said that in August 2020, they had symptoms of Kovid such as cough, fever, loss of appetite, constant weight loss, but due to fear they did not go to the hospital. He gave some medicines with the advice of a nearby doctor. It also brought relief initially, but suddenly his health deteriorated again in December. After his condition improved, other investigations found him suspicious of tubercle bacillus.

Highly Suspected Patient here
With the aim of identifying TB patients and providing timely treatment to them, Dastak 2021 campaign is being run in the entire state including Durg district. In this campaign, TB Warrior Himani Verma, who was playing the main role in Durg district, said that on January 12 this month, his team reached different areas including Camp-2 Surya Nagar, Shyam Nagar of Bhilai. Here 5 people got severe symptoms of TB. Despite their known symptoms in their counseling, these people did not go to the hospital because they were afraid that they would be found positive in the corona virus (Kovid-19) examination and they would have to follow its protocol.

Impact on employment
Himani says that out of 3 people who got severe symptoms of TB in Shyam Nagar and Surya Nagar of Bhilai, 2 are 21 and 23 years old. Apart from this, the age of one is 53 years. All three carry on the business of selling fruits. He told that if Kovid-19 was found positive in them, then under protocol they would have to remain quarantined for 17 days. This would have an impact on their employment. So they did not go for investigation. He had no idea that Kovid could have TB instead.

Kovid-19 affected TB test
Dr. Anil Shukla, District TB Officer, Durg, says that the epidemic of Kovid-19 has had an impact on the campaign against TB. From March 2020 to November 2020, our team could not work in the field. Due to this, the notification of TB patients could not be done. Referring to the data, Dr. Shukla says that from January 2020 to December 2020, the target of total sputum examination in Durg district was 16 thousand 296, out of which we were able to do only 8 thousand 317. The target of Sputum positive was 1584, of which only 648 could be achieved. The team could not work in the area due to the risk of corona infection.

Dastak-2021 gained momentum
Dr. Shukla explains that TB patients are being rapidly diagnosed under the Dastak-2021 campaign. In the Durg district, TB Warriors are going to different areas with the help of some other organizations including Rich Institute. Different teams of 20 TB Warriors are touring the areas. Under Dastak 2021, from January 1 to January 15, the team consulted a total of 25 thousand 665 people in the Central Jail, Old Age Ashram, Slum Area and Khadan areas of the district. Out of this, common and severe symptoms of TB were found in 336 people. All samples have been sent for testing. Till January 15, 18 of these TBs have been confirmed.

Symptoms of TB and Covid are similar
Dr. Anil Shukla, DTO of Durg, says that both the symptoms of coronavirus infection Kovid-19 and TB are almost identical. In both the diseases, cough, cough with sputum, chest pain, weakness, fever, loss of appetite, complains of lack of taste. In such a situation, suspicious people do not understand the difference between the two diseases. Therefore, TB test has been made mandatory for patients getting Kovid positive. Similarly, Kovid test is also being done for new TB patients.

What to do in case of confusion?
Himani Verma, a TB warrior working in the fort on behalf of the Rich organization, says that TB disease is being found in people of every category, but the most affected are people from the food and slum areas. In such a situation, awareness campaigns are being conducted in these areas. However, if there is confusion about Kovid and TB after getting symptoms, then one should immediately go to the nearest health center. TB should be checked if there are symptoms even after the negative test report is negative. So that treatment can start in time.

TB spreads from one to the other
Significantly, the bacteria is called TB due to a bacterium called Mycobacterium tubercloi. If someone happens, it can spread the infection to others. Its bacteria spread rapidly. Therefore, like Kovid, TB patients should not spit in crowded areas. Mask or handkerchief should be kept on the mouth. The immunity power of TB patient like Kovid decreases, due to which the medicine does not work quickly.

Free investigations and medicines
Durg DTO Dr Anil Shukla says that the screening and treatment of TB is done free of cost under the government's scheme. Depending on the symptoms of TB and the nature of the disease, the course of TB medicine is of minimum 6 and maximum 24 months. However, regular medicine is necessary for this.

TV Type - Plumonary TB
According to health experts, TB (Tuberculosis) is divided on the basis of its spread methods and affected organs. In most cases, TB affects the lungs and in this case, TB is called pulmonary TB or plumonary TB. A person affected by plumonary TB has a persistent cough for three weeks or more. Apart from this, he also has to face bloody cough, phlegm freezing, chest pain and difficulty in breathing.

Extrapulmonary TB
If TB is outside the lungs, it is called extrapulmonary TB. In this type of TB, bones, kidneys and lymph nodes etc. are affected. In some cases the person may have plummonary TB as well as extrapulmonary TB. This condition occurs when the infection spreads outside the lungs and starts affecting other organs of the body. In this way a person suffers from TB of the lungs as well as other organs.

Active and Lentant TB
TB is also divided into Active and Lentant TB. Lentant TB is one in which bacteria is present in your body, but it is not active. Due to which neither you feel its symptoms nor that disease spreads. However, in the blood and skin test of TB, you get to know about TB. Lentant TB can also be converted into active TB in the future for people whose immune system is weak. At the same time, bacteria spread in the body in active TB and you also know its symptoms. In this case, the patient needs immediate treatment. On active TB, the patient experiences symptoms such as weight loss, loss of appetite, fever, fatigue, night sweats without any reason.

Durg: 10 crore rupees came from MNREGA: With the help of bank associates, they got a lot of help

In the lockdown, bank associates did wonders, villagers made a withdrawal of 57 lakh rupees with their help

The front of the fight against Corona also contributed to women who served villagers in the form of bank sakhi in rural areas as kovid fighters. MGNREGA presented the option for Jan Dhan account and pension payment. This led to two benefits during the lockdown. The villagers also did not have to turn to bank branches and the banks also helped in controlling the crowd. The District Panchayat CEO Mr. Kundan Kumar said that the government's initiative to provide the facility of banks in the form of bank associates has proved very useful and is a boon for the villagers in the period of lockdown. Every day about five lakh rupees are being withdrawn through these bank credentials. During the lockdown period, Rs. 57 lakh has been withdrawn by the villagers through bank accounts. It is noteworthy that not only people are being provided with the facility of withdrawal by the bank associates, but social distancing is also being followed. They are being told about the possibility of corona infection. Then hands are being sanitized. Wearing masks is also being reported. The CEO said that the bank associates have done an amazing job. When I spoke to him even in the visits to the inner villages, he had enough awareness. They also brought it to the villagers who came to draw the amount. In this way, the awareness message about prevention from corona has reached a large section.

Withdrawal of Pension to Elderly- The best thing is that the elders did not have to go to the bank branches to withdraw the pension or funds from Jan Dhan account. Due to the lack of public transport due to the lockdown, one would have to face the trouble, even if someone reached the bank branch with the help of someone, there would have to be the trouble of getting in a long line. This problem was solved by the bank associates.
Electricity bills, mobile recharge too - in view of the disaster of Kovid, limited means of connecting with the world are in the village. Out of these, there is also internet and TV, but will have to be recharged. For this, the bank became a friend. Villagers recharged mobiles, paid for DTH, paid electricity bills as well. In this way, the bankers have helped the rural people a lot by helping online transactions. This also made them aware and would be able to compete with Kovid more strongly. It is noteworthy that 42 women self help groups are working as bank sakhi and serving villagers.
Withdrawal of such amount in these blocks- Back Sakhis made Rs 7,72,893 in Janpad Panchayat Durg, Rs 19,78,740 in Janpad Panchayat Dhamdha and 30,40,061 Janpad Panchayat Patan, thus making a total withdrawal of Rs 57,91,694 available to villagers.

Dead body found in river of trader missing for two days, stirred up people

On Sunday, a person found a floating body in the Shivnath River in Durg district, sensation spread in the area.


Durg. On Sunday, a person's floating body was found dead in Shivnath River in Durg district of Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh). After seeing the corpse, the local people immediately informed it to the police, after which the police reached the spot and called the divers to take the corpse out of the river. With the help of divers, the dead body of the person was taken out of the river. The deceased has been identified as Hiradas Khemani, a cloth merchant of Supela Chowk Bhilai (Bhilai).

The whole case

According to the information received, the businessman was missing for the last two days. Two days ago, the cloth merchant Hiradas did not reach his house that day after closing his shop. The housemates did a lot of research but nothing was found anywhere. Now two days later, the businessman's body is found in Mohlei Eniket, due to which the family members are crying.

Police engaged in investigation

However, the Pulgaon police has sent a dead body to the mortuary for post-mortem. Simultaneously, the police have registered the case and started further investigation. The police is finding out that if the person has committed suicide then what was the reason behind it and why someone else has committed the murder, then why. Police has gathered in the investigation of this entire case.

Lost boy got help from add sp

Mentally challanged child whose family is staying in maa Anandi temple got lost day before yesterday.The family was in distress as they are originally from Satna Mp and does not know many people in town .They try to connect to thana but everything is in vain.
The pandit of the temple mr pandy called add sp Richa mishra.After conforming his location miss mishra contacted add sp sagar and grp sagar.
The main worry is of time because the boy can take any train from the satation and can go anywhere.so she called some of her media friends also
At last at midnight the boy was found beneath the sign board of sagar station safe and sound all because of personal efforts of add sp miss mishra.


Allegations of porn message : After the inquiry, the contractual officer's service expired

Durg : The service of Kishan Lal Sahu has been terminated as a non-institutional officer in the Child Protection Unit of the Women and Child Development Department.On her, the women's staff of the department had accused of making obscene messages and touching the badge.

Along with this, departmental work related complaints also came in light about Shri Sahu.In all these cases, Collector Shri Ankit Anand had instructed the District Program Officer Mrs Kiran Singh to give an inquiry report.On the basis of inquiry report of Mrs Singh, the collector has instructed to complete the services of Shri Sahu with immediate effect by paying one month's salary.



Durg: You will be surprised to know the reason for the murder in Mohlai area ...

According to the police, the cause of the murder was not an old rule or a big reason but according to the police, the house of a young man, who was killed two days ago in Chalisgarh's Dahal district, There is a dispute over asking for the way. The accused is a drug addicts of Panchsheel Nagar near the site of the incident area, who are roaming in a state of addiction. The culprits in charge of the police are Sudha Badamash Kedar Nishad. Police have arrested three accused, including a minor accused in this case, for the crime of murder. At the same time, two accused police are out of the limelight, the police are engaged in search of them.

On the morning of 23rd morning, the body of B Bhaskar, a resident of Bhilai Hospital Sector, got the body of the Mohallai community building. The murder of the young man had been knit with the knife and was beaten with stones, which had blood in the face. The killers thrown the deceased's bike into the resident area of ​​Panchsheel town and made a bloody spot in the doors of some houses due to the change in the incident with blood cloting clothes, causing the police to be misguided. The police started on the spot and started looking for them. The address of the deceased first came from the number of the car. After that, the information of the miscreants of that area was extracted. The coals got added together and the police got clues to reach the accused.

, Additional Superintendent of Police Rohit Jha said while giving information, the deceased B Bhaskar resides in Bhilai's Hospital Sector. The deceased reached the Panchasheel town of the fort in his bike, but the path got wandered. He asked the youths standing there to return to Bhilai. The debate on which the deceased debate started. The accused took B Bhaskar to the back of the community building on the side of the Mohawala Road and injured him with the first stone, and, after his unconscious, with a sharp knife, made him run round his throat, which resulted in the death of the young man on the spot. The police are currently searching for two accused.

Announcement of Union Steel Minister : Grievances and jobs to victims families of Bhilai plant accident


Union Steel Minister Chaudhary Virendra Singh also announced to arrange jobs for the families of the workers who were killed in the accident of Bhilai Steel Plant, along with the grace amount for each of them one family member. 

Mr. Singh visited the hospital in Sector 9, Bhilai with Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, Minister of State for Steel, Shri Vishnudev Sai and Minister of State Revenue and Disaster Management, Shri Prem Prakash Pandey, where he visited the injured workers in yesterday's accident. Taking care of the treatment system Chaudhary Virendra Singh said that eleven people died in the accident. In order to bring relief to the afflicted families, we have taken special permission from the Election Commission keeping in mind the Code of Conduct for Chhattisgarh assembly elections. He said that the grace amount has been increased from 25 lakh to 30 lakh rupees for deceased workers.

For severely injured workers, this amount will increase from 10 lakh to 15 lakh and Rs 2 lakh for general wounded. Apart from this, the families of the deceased will be paid even if they wish for the duration of the retirement period of their deceased member. And if they wish that there will be employment arrangements for them, then such arrangements will be made. Chaudhary Virendra Singh said that the payment of the financial components of the workers whose death has been done will also be made soon. In this, their families will get the sum of Rs 33 lakh to Rs 95 lakh. In case of permanent disablement in the accident, a proper arrangement of employment for a member of the family of that worker will also be made.

The Union Steel Minister said that - We have directed the officials to complete the process of payment of financial assets to the affected families as soon as possible so that this amount can be done in this hour of crisis. He also informed that the incident will be investigated by two high level committees. One of these is the internal committee of the Steel Authority of India (SAIL), which has been set up and the committee will submit its report in seven days. The second committee will be constituted by the Secretary of the Ministry of Steel. Experts in both the committees will also be named. Chaudhary Virendra Singh said that keeping in view the seriousness of the accident, he has today separated the Chief Executive (CEO) of Bhilai Steel Plant from work and today he will be appointed in place of his new appointment. Two senior officers have been suspended, including General Manager (Security) and Deputy General Manager (Energy).



Chief Minister and Union Steel Minister visited Bhilai Nagar hospital


Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today visited the hospital located at Sector 9 of Bhilai with Central Steel Minister Chaudhary Virendra Singh, where he reviewed the health and treatment of injured workers in the accident of Bhilai Steel Plant. The Chief Minister and the Union Steel Minister directed the doctors of the hospital to ensure better treatment of the injured.

On this occasion, the Minister of State for Steel, Shri Vishnudev Sai, Minister of Revenue and Disaster Management of the Government of Chhattisgarh, Mr. Prem Prakash Pandey, along with other officers of the State and Central Government and Steel Plant Management were also present. The Chief Minister discussed with the Union Minister Steel Minister Chaudhary Virendra Singh in a brief meeting at the hospital premises yesterday in the entire event sequence.
The chief minister said that this is definitely a very serious and sad incident. We have lost many of our workers in this accident. The whole sympathy and sympathy of both the center and the state is with the families suffering from this accident. While the Chief Minister wished for early recovery of injured workers in the accident, he assured all possible cooperation in their treatment. The Chief Minister said that the State Government has instructed its officials to give top priority to protection of human life in all sectors of the private sector and public sector and said that safety standards are followed strictly in all types of factories.

Union Steel Minister Chaudhary Virendra Singh also called the accident very serious and sad. He said that both Chhattisgarh government and the Central Government are standing with the affected families of their workers at every step. And we all look forward to delivering all possible help to them. The Union Steel Minister said that the causes of the accident will be thoroughly investigated and those found guilty will be taken strict action as per the rules.

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