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Ambikapur: Employees got jobs from MNREGA: compliance of physical distance at work: 7728 laborers of 234 Gram Panchayats got employment

Due to the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of infection of Kovid-19, MNREGA work has been started on a large scale in the Gram Panchayats of the district as per the instructions of the government. According to the guideline issued by the government, from 1 April 2020, the wage rate of MNREGA has been increased to Rs 190 per day. There is a communication of enthusiasm among the workers due to increase in the wage rate. For the work of MNREGA, the workers are being made aware by the Assistant and Secretary under the directives issued by the government. Workers at the workplace are regularly doing various beneficial activities, taking a distance of 2 meters keeping in mind the physical distance. The laborers are working with face masks as a protection against infection, with a handkerchief, a handkerchief with a nose and a mouth. Physical distance and other precautions are being monitored by MNREGA officials. Handwash, soap and water have been provided at each site for hand washing.

According to the information received from the District Panchayat Office, 1 thousand 559 works have been started under MGNREGA in 234 gram panchayats of Surguja district, including land leveling, dubri construction, new pond construction, pond deepening, well construction, CPT construction etc. So far, 7 thousand 728 laborers have got employment for these MNREGA works. This has removed the worry of livelihood in front of these workers.

Families brought the tortured woman to a two kilometer kanvad in childbirth, the birth of a child on the way

This case also becomes bigger. Because in Sarguja district, two ministers of Chhattisgarh government (Chhattisgarh Govt.) Including Health Minister have permanent residence.

The tribal main district of Chhattisgarh (Sarguja) in Sarguja district is as beautiful in terms of tourism as it is backward in the name of health care. In the last one week, photographs from four different villages have brought the reality of the Health Department to the surface. All these matters also become bigger. Because two ministers, including the health minister, have permanent accommodation in this district.

On the 9th of this month, a woman who was moaning with labor pen was carried for three kilometers in a stretcher of jugaad through a wild path. Then she got the Ambulance Mahtari Express and was able to reach the hospital. After this, a viral video on Sunday last has raised questions on the functioning of the health department. This time too, 22-year-old Dhaneshwari had to wait for an hour and a half after Mahtari Express after delivery of Mainpat, and when her family came to know about the arrival of Mahtari Express, then she got two kilometers on the way. Carrying was carried in Kanwar and when it reached the ambulance after one and a half hours. By then it was late.

Birth of a child on the way
Due to poor route, the woman gave birth to the child in the Mahtari Express before reaching the hospital. Here, after the fourth such incident in a week, the statement of the Health Minister is also shocking. Because if they believe, then they know through the media that where there are villages without access. After the stir in the case, Health Minister TS Singhdev said that he was not aware of this incident. Now work is being done to improve the system.

Ambulance had to push
There are still more inaccessible villages like Panahi Pakni, Karamaha, in Surguja district. Well, even after the woman left the ambulance, the pain of the family members of the woman suffering from childbirth did not reduce. Because after boarding Dhaneshwari in the ambulance, the family also had to push in the junk ambulance. Here is the fourth case of suffering from snakebite to childbirth. Which has come up in the same mainpat development block of the district. Therefore, the opposition BJP has accused the administration and the government of not doing better monitoring for such cases being constantly exposed. BJP state minister Anurag Singhdev said that if the system does not improve soon, the movement will be done.

Ambikapur: 12 lacs sanctioned for disaster victim families

Appropriate grant of Rs. 12 lakhs of financial assistance grant from the demand of Rs. 4 lakh for the families of the three families of the disaster affected by the Additional Collector Mr. Nirmal Tigga, the concerned persons have been approached to contact the Tehsildar and get the amount.

    According to the information received, the amount of financial assistance grant of Rs 4 lakh has been sanctioned to the nearest heir of the deceased, due to the death of Ricky village resident Budhna, who died in the water on November 20, 2018, according to the information received. Similarly, due to dying in water on March 15, 2017, due to the death of Khamaharia village resident of Udaipur district, on March 15, 2017, the grant of Rs 4 lakh has been sanctioned for the nearest heir wife Beguni. The death grant of Rs. 4 lakhs has been sanctioned for the closest heir wife Amarao, due to the snake bite of Narkalo village resident of Lakhanpur, who died on September 22, 2018.

Ambikapur: Settlement Control Room from Aerial Lightning and Blowing Hurricanes: Control Room

As per the instructions of the State Government, Collector Dr. Sarfar Mittar has collected control information from the Superintendent, Land Records Office for the compilation of lightning and lightning storm damage information from June 1, 2019 to 11:00 pm Instructions are given. The control room has been directed to send information to Fax no. 0771-2223472 and website CG release at the rate gmail dot com in Raipur.
Instructions for preparing action plan at district level

    During the monsoon, the state government has been asked to ensure the necessary arrangements to protect against volatile and celestial lightning and storm storms. At the district level, a meeting plan has been organized to prepare a plan for rescue and relief from storm surge and wind storm and storm storm. In this regard, all Tahsildar and district level officials have been asked to direct the concerned officers and employees to properly monitor the rain-bearing equipment set up at the rain-fed stations of district level and tehsil level and collect information. In order to provide general citizens with information about telephone numbers and control officers and employees for the rescue and relief of lightning and aerial electricity and storm storm by installing control rooms in all tehsils for working from 1st June to 24 hours at district level and tehsil level. Having said. The control number of the control room has been called to disseminate the telephone number. Collector Dr. Summit Mitter has told the officers of the departments concerned that to ensure the installation of torrent drivers in the government and non-governmental multilateral buildings from their departmental budget, according to the lightning and celestial power and storm In order to avoid the storm, what are the precautions required, To freely disseminate stated.

Important instructions to Chief Medical and Health Officer and Deputy Director Animal Husbandry
    The Collector has directed the Chief Medical and Health Officer and Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry to constitute a medical team at the district and tehsil level to provide immediate treatment to the injured persons and animals with velocity and celestial electricity. Collector Dr. Sumitra Murthar has told Tehsildars that as per the provisions contained in the Revenue Book Circular 6-4, provide immediate grant assistance to the affected beneficiaries and ensure the proper treatment and facilities as per the inherent provision to the injured persons and animals also. The Executive Engineer of the Water Resources Department and Public Works Department has been told that such areas should be identified under the district, where there is a loss due to thunderstorm and celestial power and storm storm. Instructions have been given to make special arrangements for monitoring of these surveillance in these areas. The Collector has told District Sanani, Nagar Sanai Ambikapur that the storm - if any damage to the storm, inform all the rescue resources immediately. The Superintendent of Multi-Record has been told to inform the office of the relief commissioner of the office of the relief commissioner regularly and send it to the office of the relief commissioner regularly.

Youth arrested with brown sugar of Rs 6 lakh

Ambikapur : Kotwali police station today arrested a young man with Brown sugar.Police caught the youth while being intoxicated by brown sugar.When he was searched Then 30.45 grams of brown sugar was recovered from him. Price of seized brown sugar About 6 lakhs are being assessed.The police arrested the accused near the Brahmapara village in the area under Kotwali police station area.

Continued efforts for the betterment and development of people in Chhattisgarh: Dr. Raman Singh

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh today arrived in the Vikas Jatha, 32 km distance from Dakhma to Lakhanpur from the headquarters of the district panchayat under Sarguja district during the Statewide Atal Vikas Yatra. In the meantime, the public witnessed their welcome and in place of the child, the elderly and the men and women from the family welcomed the Chief Minister Dr. Singh. Seeing the enthusiasm of people in the journey, Chief Minister Dr. Singh also expressed gratitude towards him. In the road show program, the Chief Minister was accompanied by the state's home, prison and public health mechanics and in-charge Minister of Sarguja, Mr. Ramsweek Pacara, Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Shri Bhaiyalal Rajwada and Lok Sabha MP Mr. Kamal Bhan Singh were also present. Addressing the gathering here, Chief Minister Dr. Singh said that a bypass route will soon be constructed for better movement of facilities in Lucknow. A sum of about one hundred crore has been sanctioned by the Central and State Government for its construction.In the road show program, Chief Minister Dr. Singh also addressed the welcome meeting at Nandmalali under Lakhanpur, Chando and Kusu and Vikaskhand Ambikapur under Lakhanpur block. He said that this is a journey of development and trust. There is a lot of enthusiasm in people in the field of travel. It clearly shows the government's clear intention and policy in the good of the people. Chief Minister Dr. Singh informed that new work for Chhattisgarh people's prosperity and development has been done. Here the farmers, the poor, the workers, the women and the men, from the children to the elderly are empowered and they are being constantly taken forward.


Notice to VC and Registrar on Sarguja University's employees' plea

A bench of High Court Justice Pisem Koshi has summoned the Sarkujya University Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar on a petition seeking regularization of the employees of Sarguja University, who has been working for years.

The Chhattisgarh High Court's single bench of Justice Pesem Koshi has summoned the replies to the Vice Chancellor and Registrar of Sarguja University on a petition to regularize the employees of the Sarguja University for years. According to information, Later Sarguja University was separated. After the separation of both Central University Micro teacher he was 4 teacher dozens of salaried employees on the go are not being regularly regularly employed salaried employees from other years were not Hakniamitikrn has filed a petition in the High Court.

It has been said in the petition that a written examination was conducted in 2013, most of which passed. Despite this, no action is being taken to regularize them. It has also been said in the petition that there are many such salaried people whose age has either ended or is due to their age. In this situation, all the employees have given their full service life time to the University. In such a situation, there may be problems in their family's earnings. The petition has sought to regularize them on priority basis. After hearing the case, the court has summoned the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar of Sarguja University and issued a notice.

Creating a modern, smart and developed Chhattisgarh aims at all of us: Dr. Raman Singh

Release of Power Sub-Center: Solving the Problem of Low Voltage Problems of 213 Villages

Decision to withdraw more than 20,000 minor forest crimes cases
Opening of 15 works of approximately 455 crores

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has said that making Chhattisgarh a smart, modern and developed state till 2025 is the aim of all of us. For the Silver Jubilee year, the gross domestic product of Chhattisgarh will double, the income of the farmers will be doubled. Every village will link to the road. There will be better system of education and health. The big cities will be connected to the air connectivity. Dr. Singh was addressing a huge public meeting at Sitapur, Tehsil headquarters of Sarguja district today during the state-wide Atal Vikas Yatra. He congratulated and greeted the Karma festival celebrated in the region today by the Sarguvans.

    On the occasion, the Chief Minister inaugurated and inaugurated 15 works worth Rs 455 crore 53 lakh. Dr. Singh made 132/33 KV built at village Karabel-Batauli at a cost of Rs 13.22 crore. Launched the power station of power. With the commencement of this center the problem of low voltage problem of 213 villages in the area will be solved. Dr. Singh said that the state government is working on making plans for the betterment of the society. In the past 15 years, there has been a better change in the lives of the poor, the farmers and the laborers. The Chief Minister said that now farmers do not have to wander for fertilizer and seeds. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has arranged neem coated urea to make urea easy to the farmers. This has helped prevent urea black marketing. Dr. Singh said that with the facility of flat rate for irrigation pumps upto five Horse Power, the State Government has given an option of 12 lakh families with Single Light Connection on the flat rate, more than 30 units of electricity On consumption, these families have to pay 100 rupees per month.

    He said that keeping in view the problems of the forest dwellers, the state government has decided to withdraw 20,000 more than 20,000 cases of fictitious forest crimes. He said that seeing the presence and enthusiasm of villagers in Sitapur, it seems that you want to join the state government's plans. To realize the dream of development of this region, I have come among you for the development journey. He said that there is no need to apply for development works. The state government is making plans by worrying one thing. The Chief Minister said that former Prime Minister Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee made Chhattisgarh state. In the last 18 years, the credit goes to the development works done in the state. That is why the second phase of Vikas Yatra has been named the Atal Vikas Yatra. Through Vikas Yatra, I have come to give information about the development of Chhattisgarh to the general public. Dr. Singh said that under the Prime Minister Ujjwala Scheme, 36 lakh women belonging to poor families are being given LPG connection and stove. The benefit of this scheme will now be available to all the families of Scheduled Tribes and scheduled castes. On this occasion, many public representatives including Home Minister Ramsevak Pakra, Lok Sabha MP Shri Kamal Bhan Singh, Rajya Sabha MP Ramvichar Netam, District Panchayat President Mrs. Phaleshwari Singh, former MLA Professor Gopalram were present on the occasion.

Creating a modern, smart and developed Chhattisgarh aims at all of us: Dr. Raman Singh

During the state-wide Atal Vikas Yatra, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh inaugurated and distributed 15 different development works worth Rs 455.53 crore in the General Assembly held in Sitapur in Sarguja district. Including land works of 8 works to be built at a cost of Rs 383 crores 62 lacs and the release of seven works built at a cost of Rs 71 crores 91 lacs. Apart from this, Dr. Singh launched a symbolic offer of 80 crore rupees and distribution of subsidy to 81 thousand 88 villagers in beneficiary schemes.
The Chief Minister inaugurated the completed works of the Chief Minister at a cost of Rs 18 crores, on the left bank canal of Langu diversion at the cost of Rs 17 crores 74 lacs of Udumkela marginal minor irrigation scheme, Karabel at a cost of Rs 13.22 crore. Batuli 132/33 KV Power Station, Rs. 11 crores 63 lacs of small scale irrigation scheme at a cost of Rs. Irrigation plan includes.
The work done by the Chief Minister was done at the cost of Rs 374 crore Government Medical College building, Barney river Kusu bridge at a cost of Rs. 2 crores 79 lakhs, Sarguja University in Ambikapur at a cost of Rs. 11 crores, guest house, Road connecting Atal Chowk to Fellpur in Losaga at a cost of Rs 37.37 million, Mukundpur road road construction from Hariharpur bridge of Rs.1.17 crore Le
The Chief Minister has given a symbolic distribution of the check of material and assistance in different beneficial schemes in the General Assembly. Under the Communication Revolution scheme, one lakh 2 thousand 924 people distributed smart phones, 35 thousand 230 Tendupta collectors, bonus amount of 16 crores eight rupees, 34 thousand 803 Tendupta collectors, 98 lakh rupees of Paduka. Apart from this, 11 lakh 441 rural households have been given the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme, Housing Accreditation letter, six hundred women in the Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme, LPG in the different schemes of the Labor Department, 116 workers in the majestic tool kit, 27 thousand 62 beneficiaries, Tiffin box and In the Chief Minister Pension Scheme, 7 thousand 420 beneficiaries are included in the amount of 25 lakh 96 thousand rupees.
On this occasion, the Home Minister Shri Ramsewak Pakra, Lok Sabha Parliament, Mr. Kamal Bhan Singh Marwi along with many public representatives and a large number of villagers were present.


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