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5-year-old girl raped by 11-year-old boy, police detained accused child

Officials said the girl's family has complained to the police that the 11-year-old boy, who lives in the village, took the girl to the banks of the pond on the pretext of fishing and raped her there.


Balrampur. Police have detained an 11-year-old boy in the case of raping a five-year-old girl in Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh). Police officials of Balrampur district said on Tuesday that the police has detained an 11-year-old boy in the case of raping a five-year-old girl on October 10 in the Widefranagar Police Station area of ​​the district. Officials said that the investigation was started when the girl's family informed the police on Tuesday about the incident.

He said that the girl's family has complained to the police that the 11-year-old boy living in the village took the girl on the banks of the pond on the pretext of fishing and raped her there. Police officials said that the girl's family reached the police station on Tuesday and they informed the police about it. After that, a case was registered against the boy and an investigation was started in the case. Police officials said that during the last two weeks, a total of five rape cases including one gang rape have been registered in the district so far.

17-year-old teenager commits suicide

Let me tell you that the news came in the past that in Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh, about three months ago, a 17-year-old girl, who was allegedly gang-raped, committed suicide. After receiving the information of the incident from the police, he registered a case and started the investigation. Police officials of Kondagaon district had said that we have received information from local media reports today that on July 19 in Dhanora police station area, five people allegedly gang-raped a minor teenager, after which he committed suicide.

 Earlier, the police had no information

Officials said that before the incident, the police had no information, nor did anyone give any complaint. However, the teenager's uncle says that he had informed the police, but no action was taken. The Inspector General of Bastar Region, Sundarraj P, had said that the police had received information that a girl had committed suicide after being raped in Dhanora police station area of ​​Kondagaon district a few months ago. After the information, the Superintendent of Police and other officers of the district reached there today.

Balrampur: The collector took the green flag from the Prime Minister's crop insurance awareness chariot

The Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme benefited maximum peasantry, for its widespread publicity, the collector Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha sent a green flag showing the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Awareness Rath. Due to natural disasters, insects and diseases, farmers have to suffer a lot. With the flood, typhoon, wet and heavy rain, their crop gets spoiled and the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme has been started by the Central Government to relieve them from such crisis.

    According to Notification of Crop Insurance Scheme, in the Kharif year 2019-20, crops of crops like irrigated / uninfected, urad, mustard, tur, peanut, soyabean, maize etc. will be insured. Also, the premium amount payable by the Sum Assured and 2% of the farmers has been fixed per hectare. The last date for inspection of crop has been fixed till 31 July 2019. In addition, the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Worker has been appointed in six tehsils of the district. Who will make adjustments to the applications in the bank. In the document for non-indebted farmers, the photocopies of Aadhaar card, fully filled proposal letter, affidavit of land sharing, copy of latest Khasra / Khatouani, photocopy of bank account passbook, sowing certificate, agricultural or revenue department must be issued by the employees is. For allotment of prime crop insurance, a committee / field wise agricultural chauft is being implemented in all the development blocks.

Balrampur: 14 workers released from bondage, released through social media

The youth alleged that their mobile and Aadhar cards were also snatched.


In a Chennai company, 14 youths who were held hostage in Balrampur district have been released by the police and administration team. According to the information, 12 youths have been brought back from Balrampur, including four minor. In fact, one of the youth who had been hostage through social media last week had sent the video. After this video was exposed, the families had approached the police and administration for help. The hostages made by the hostages say that the people of the company called them by greed. In Chennai, they were assaulted. The youth alleged that their mobile and aspiration cards were also stripped.

Is the whole case

Actually a few days ago, the district police and administration officials had come to know that some youths of Balrampur had gone to Chennai to work. Here a company has kept them hostage. At the same time, the relatives had also asked the authorities to release their children.

Giving information, SP TR Kushma told that after the complaint of the area, the joint team of the district administration and police was sent to Chennai. Then 14 hostage boys were released from here. According to the police, the goods of 2 youths who had made a mortgage were not found. That's why the team will find the goods with the youth there and bring them back. The remaining 12 youths have been assigned to the Child Welfare Committee, where the statements of the youth were taken.

District Level Vigilance & Monitoring Committee meeting today

According to the provisions of the Balrampur 24 June 2019 / Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribes Act, 1955, the meeting of District Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee Balrampur-Ramanujganj was held today at 25.00 noon at 2.00 pm in the meeting of the Joint District Office, under the chairmanship of Collector and District Magistrate. is.


Public Service Center operator terminated

Balrampur June 24, 2019 / Public Service Center Ramanujganj operator Shri Ritesh Yadav, after the short-term notice, also not properly disposing of pending applications in his ID and making the ineligible applications online, the principality of his work reflects gross negligence and apathy. . The above act is contrary to the Public Service Guarantee Act 2011. Under which Collector Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha has terminated services of Mr. Ritesh Yadav operator with immediate effect.


Revenue to be held from July 01

Balarampur June 24, 2019 / Decision to resolve the related cases related to revenue has been decided to celebrate the fortnight fortnight from 01 to 15 July 2019. Collector Shri Sanjiv Kumar Jha has given necessary instructions to the revenue officials and employees associated with revenue to solve the revenue cases of the villagers during the fortnight.
During the fortnight's fortnight, the reading of B-1, Khasra by Patwari will be done in each village panchayat and will record the record by registering the nomination. Report of all the cases of demarcation, including the field book, the resolution of the old revenue cases, the registration of all cases in the e-court, the unresolved settlement of the undisputed nomination / sharing cases, the RBC. Quick disposal of cases 6-4, Recovery of land revenue, Recovery of cent per cent of the amount imposed by various courts, measures for prevention of encroachment on government land, updated recovery of differential rent, tehsil headquarter and urban In case of cases related to surveying and conversion of differential land settlement in the body, issues related to settlement will be resolved. Similarly, verification of Ujjwala gas distribution in Tehsil Balrampur, application of beneficial beneficiaries for forest rights letter, will be received in advance and will be read in the said list in the village. Regular operation and distribution of social security pension, old age pension and fair price shop will be checked and caste / income / residence certificate of new students will be issued. During the fortnight of Patwari, Patwari and Agricultural Extension Officers jointly constituted the CCC of each farmer of the village. Issue of certificates and the name of every farmer in the Prime Minister's Honor fund portal.

06 job assistant dismissed on negligence in work

Balrampur June 24, 2019 / Non-service in the work of 06 job seekers in various Gram Panchayats under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, not achieving the target according to the target, not employed in the work, and the construction works in the village panchayats. Due to lack of progressive progress, Collector Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha has given employment assistants to the post. Tired of instructions district on the Chief Executive Officer of the panchayat.
According to the collector's directive, the Chief Executive Officer of the district panchayat wadfnagar has been given the employment assistant of Gram Panchayat Tugwan, Mrs. Chandrwati, Employment Assistant to Gram Panchayat Solstice. Sharda Singh Suryata, Gram Panchayat Ruppur's Employment Assistant Smt. Sangeeta Kushwaha and Gram Panchayat Jogiyani's Employment Assistant, Mr. Ashish Beck has been separated from the post due to negligence in their duty and liability. Similarly, on the carelessness of his duty and liability by Mr. Dineshwar Kanshi, the employment assistant of Gram Panchayat Bhala of Vikaskhand Ramchandrapur, Mr. Vinod Kumar Ayam and Gram Panchayat Silaju, the Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Ramchandrapur has separated him from the post.


Storage of compost seeds in the district Distribution of 4315.4 tonnes of manure and 877 quintals of seeds so far to the farmers

For the farmers of Balrampur, 24th June, 2019 / Kharif in 2019, the distribution of 4315.4 metric tonnes of manure and 877 quintals of seeds has been given to the farmers till now through 28 committees.
According to information received from Agriculture Department, 5254 quintals of various crops have been stored in the seeds cooperative societies for the kharif season in the district. At present, 1442.9 quintals of seeds have been lifted by farmers, out of which 1280.6 quintals of paddy, 162.3 quintals of maize have been distributed. Similarly, urea, DAP, NPK, SSP And M.P.P. 14546.3 metric ton fertilizer has been made in the cooperative societies of the district, out of which 5388.7 metric ton fertilizer has been distributed to the farmers. In this, urea by various committees is 2808.6 metric tonnes, DAP 1081.8 metric tons, N.P.K. 1337 metric tons, S.S.P. 154.6 metric tons, M.O.P. 6.7 Metric ton chemical fertilizers have been distributed to the farmers.


Collector, Balak Ashram Kanakpur did the necessary guidelines given to the Inspecting Inspector

Balrampur 31 Jan

Shri Hiralal Nayak, collector of Balak Ashram Kanakpur of Vikaskhand Ramchandrapur, took a surprise inspection and took information about the arrangements of the ashram from the hostel superintendent and gave necessary directions.

The collector took information about the facilities and arrangements given by the students in the hostel. He asked the students poetry and hill. The Collector told the hill from 16 to 19 and asked the children to repeat behind them. During this, the student Pawan Singh told the song, the collector asked Pawan Singh to teach his team to sing In order to overcome fear, fear and suspicion from the children's mind, they instructed the hostel superintendent to collect the children daily and collect together all the other modes, including the hill, poetry, common sense, collective instructions.

He gave instructions to the hostel superintendent to take care of the children's cleanliness, health, improve the level of education of the children and to arrange food, drinking water, toilets. The collector has arranged for the distribution department for the health facility of Durgesh Verma for the development of health facilities and sweat arrangements for the children, the wages of the laborers working in the ashram, and arrangement of sports goods to discuss with the officer of Tribal Development Department. said.


Collector imposes restriction on raising of paddy from Mahavirganj, Trikunda Committee

Balrampur 31 Jan

The Collector Mr. Hiralal Nayak conducted an accidental inspection of Dhan Urpasan Kendra Tatapani, Bhavranmal, Mahavirganj, Trikunda, Dindo and Sanval. They have imposed an immediate ban on the rise of paddy after getting heavy irregularities in procurement of paddy in Mahavirganj and Trikunda Committee.

Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak undertook an accidental inspection of paddy procurement register and token register and other documents by reaching the paddy acquisition center, Tatapani, Bhanwarmal, Mahavirganj, Trikunda, Dindo and Sanval.

They found huge irregularities in procurement of paddy in Mahavirganj and Trikunda committee and due to the non-stacking of paddy in accordance with the rules and norms, immediately stopped the upturn of paddy from the committee and according to the stacking criteria of the paddy purchased from the committee employees. Instructed The collector said that after the last day of purchase of paddy, 31 January, there is a need for a microscopic examination of all the documents of the earning center.And in the committee, the physical verification of the paddy to the physical verification was done by the Nodal Officer, including the Manager, Manager, Paddy Purchase Incharge, Operating Board Member and Computer Operator. During the inspection, the Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Mr. Durgesh Verma, Naib Tehsildar Mr. Pancham Salam, Deputy Director Animal Mr. BP Satnami, Assistant Director Fishery Shri Murat Singh and other officials were present.

It is worth mentioning that 1394162.90 quintals of paddy has arrived in paddy production centers in the district so far. Out of which 79883.40 quintals thick rice and 1314279.50 quintals of diluted paddy have been purchased. There has been an uproar of 583888 quintals of paddy.


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