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Female journalist Najma Sultana Neela received an international award.


Najma Sultana Neela, publisher and editor of People's News and General Secretary of SAARC Journalists Forum Bangladesh Chapter was honored at the Indo-Bangla-Nepal International Media Conclave-2023.

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The award was presented to Najma Sultana Neela at the International Hall of Five Star Hotel Klak Siraj in Agra, a city famous for the traditional Taj Mahal in Uttar Pradesh, India, on May 17. The chief guest at the event was; Estate Minister of 'Law' Government of India Professor SP Singh Baghil.

Special guests were Yogendra Upadhyay, Minister of Education UP Government, President of SAARC Journalist Forum Raju Lama, General Secretary Abdur Rahman, President and Secretary of Agra Press Club. In a statement, Najma Sultana Neela expressed her sincere gratitude to all the journalists from Bangladesh Nepal India who attended the conference held in Agra, including Agra Press Club and all the supporting organizations.

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About three hundred journalists from Bangladesh, India and Nepal attended this international conference. The chief guest of this international conference was Prof. SP Singh Baghil, Estate Minister of Law, Government of India (Minister of State for Law of Uttar Pradesh, India).Yogendra Upadhyaya Minister of Education UP Government, Shiv Manohar Pandey President UP Journalist Association, Professor Smita Executive Member SAARC Journalists Forum Anuruddha Sudhanshu President SAARC Journalists Forum India Chapter, along with journalist leaders and members from different states of India were present as special guests. In this international conference, various issues related to the challenges of media were discussed.

Organized by Indian Journalists Association, Agra Press Club and SAARC Journalists Forum Uttar Pradesh Branch, this international conference was led by Secretary General of SAARC Journalists Forum Central Committee Md. Abdur Rahman from Bangladesh and Najma Sultana Neela General Secretary SAARC Journalists Forum Bangladesh Chapter.Md Mustafa Khan, Lion AZ Mainul Islam, Tapu Ghoshal, Nasir Uddin Al Mamun, Majida Khanam, Bablu Biswas, Akatar Rahman, Afshar Ali Sarkar, Md Abu Bakr Siddique and Mosharraf Hossain joined.

Also, a group of journalists from Bangladesh, India and Nepal visited the sightseeing places of Delhi and Agra. On behalf of SAARC Journalist Forum Bangladesh Chapter, General Secretary Najma Sultana Neela expressed her sincere gratitude for the sincerity and hospitality of Agra Press Club and its affiliated institutions. SAARC Journalist Forum Bangladesh Chapter President Abul Kalam Azad could not participate in this conference as he was in America.

He sent greetings wishing the event well. It is noted that on behalf of SAARC Journalists Forum Bangladesh Chapter, SAARC Journalists Forum Central President Raju Lama, Central Secretary Abdur Rahman along with Agra Press Club presented the crest of honor to SAARC Journalists Forum Bangladesh Chapter General Secretary Najma Sultana Neela.

Also, the Central President of SAARC Journalists Forum Raju Lama, Central Secretary of SAARC Journalists Forum Abdur Rahman, Najma Sultana Neela of SAARC Journalists Forum Bangladesh Chapter gave the honor crest to each of the journalists who participated in this program in the conference of SAARC Journalists Forum from Bangladesh. .


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