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Livelihood-oriented activities in Rural Industrial Parks have boosted the self-esteem and confidence of rural women

 Women are becoming self-dependent: better employment opportunities are now available in villages

Chief Minister discussed the development of gauthans as rural industrial parks with women and villagers

Women of Balodabazar are interested in making gunny bags, clay utensils and tomato ketchup in Rural Industrial Parks

In Raigarh, women will establish flour mill

Natural paint manufacturing unit inaugurated in Saradhunavagaon of Kanker

We women are becoming financially independent because of the livelihood activities conducted in Rural Industrial Park. This has not only boosted our self-esteem but has also helped us contribute to our family income. These words were expressed by the women of self-help groups working in Gauthans, during a virtual interaction with Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel today. While launching the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Industrial Park scheme statewide today, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel performed virtual bhoomipujan of Rural Industrial Park in 300 Gauthans of the state. On this occasion, he interacted with the women and youth present in Jarve area of Janjgir-Champa district, Amaldih of Bemetara district, Saraghu Navgaon in Kanker district, Latuva of Balodabazar and Dongitarai village of Raigarh and discussed in detail about the gauthan activities conducted there.

Chief Minister Mr. Baghel interacted with Mrs. Saraswati of Jarve Gauthan of Janjgir Champa district which is being developed as Ripa. Saraswati told that 40 women are working in her Gauthan, women's group was earlier making vermi compost, now other activities will also be conducted through Ripa. District Panchayat CEO told the Chief Minister that an amount of one crore is being given per Ripa. Four livelihood-oriented activities are being conducted here, mushroom rearing, pickle-papad, big-making work is being done. Shri Gajendra Sidar ji of Rajiv Mitan Club said that he will set up offset printing unit here. The shepherd from Janjgir Champa, Shri Mayaram told that he has sold cow dung worth Rs 1 lakh 4 thousand, he has built a house with money, he is landless, he is getting the amount of landless justice scheme.

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel spoke to Mrs Saraswati in Jarve Gauthan of Janjgir-Champa district, which is being developed as rural industrial park. Saraswati told that presently, 40 women are working in her gauthan. Earlier, these women were engaged in production of vermicompost, but now with the development of rural industrial park, many such income-oriented activitied will be conducted. Jila Panchayat CEO told Chief Minister that an amount of Rs one crore  is being provided to each rural industrial park. Four livelihood-oriented activities are being conducted in these rural industrial parks, along with mushroom rearing, pickle-papad, and ‘badi’ making works. Mr. Gajendra Sidar ji of Rajiv Mitan Club said that he will set up offset printing unit here. The shepherd from Janjgir Champa, Mr. Mayaram told that he has sold cow dung worth Rs 1 lakh 4 thousand, and has used that money to build a house with money. He told that he is landless, and he is getting the benefits of landless justice scheme (Bhoomiheen Nyay Yojana).

Savita of Amaldiha, Bemetara told that rural industrial park has created various employment opportunities through works like brick-making and fencing poles. Eight Rural Industrial Parks are being built in four development blocks of this district. Parliamentary Secretary Mr. Gurudayal Singh Banjare was also present here. 14 rural industrial units are being inaugurated in Kanker today, and a unit for manufacturing natural paint from cow dung was inaugurated in Sardhunwagaon of this district. Naina Dhankar of Saradhunwagaon Gauthan in Kanker district told Chief Minister that women have been working in gauthan for two years, now the work of making paint from cow dung will be commenced in the rural industrial parks, providing them better employment opportunities. Chief Minister said that earlier cow dung was used to coat land and wall, but now it would be utilized to make natural paint. Naina said that she is happy to witness the development of her village and overjoyed to see the new opportunities available for women. Earlier women were confined to the boundaries of their houses, but now they have plethora of opportunities to explore. Becoming self-dependent has not only boosted the self-esteem of these women, but has also brought them respect in their household as the breadwinner. Nemi Nishad thanked Chief Minister for the RIPA scheme, as it has helped her improve her financial condition. On the occasion, Deputy Speaker of Legislative Assembly Mr. Manoj Mandavi was also present in this Gauthan.

10 Rural Industrial Parks are being established in Balodabazar. Nemi Verma of Latuva Gauthan in this district told Chief Minister that she would soon commence the production of tomato ketchup, on which Chief Minister wished her the best. She told that soon the self-help group here would commence the production of gunny bags and earthen pots as well. Chief Minister said that this year about 110 lakh metric tons of paddy would be procured at support price. If gunny bags are produced at rural industrial parks, the entire stock of gunny bags so produced will be procured by the government. He suggested that the activity of making gunny bags should be started in other Gauthans as well. This would not only meet the gunny bag requirement of the state government but would also create employment opportunities and boost the income of self-help groups. Chairman of Chhattisgarh State Mineral Development Corporation Mr. Girish Devangan and Chairman of Chhattisgarh State Farmers Welfare Board Mr. Surendra Sharma were also present.

14 RIPA (Rural Industrial PArks) are being started in Raigarh. Mr. Patel, a member of Dongitarai Gauthan of this district, told the Chief Minister that vegetables have been planted in Gauthan, and they have sold 1-1.5 lakh vermicompost. Under RIPA, they will develop basic facilities and make arrangements for comfortable stay of tourists at the tourist places of Raigarh.

Saraswati Patel of Raigarh told that 16 self-help groups are engaged in the works of gauthan, such as production of pulses, flour and vermi manure. Under RIPA scheme, they will take on the task of producing 10 thousand eggs and expand the flour mill. Chief Minister congratulated Saraswati Gave for this endeavour.


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