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Chief Minister Mr.Bhupesh Baghel visits Apollo Hospital to meet Rahul

 Rahul’s mother gets overwhelmed on the Chief Ministers’ visit to Apollo Hospital

She said your team rescued my child from a critical situation and gave him a new life
“I will bless you and your children forever”: Mrs.Geeta Sahu
CM said” Every single citizen’s life is precious to us, we will incur all expenses of Rahul’s education”

Bilaspur :, when Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel reached Apollo Hospital in Bilaspur to see Rahul, Rahul’s mother Geeta was overwhelmed with emotions and could not resist crying after watching the Chief Minister, everyone present was also filled with emotions.  Geeta interacted with Chief Minister and said “You are like God for us. Your team has saved my son's life in the most difficult situation. No one feels hunger or thirst for a single minute, and no one slept even for a moment. Everyone tried very hard to rescue Rahul until he came out”. “I will bless you and your children forever”, she added. The Chief Minister stayed in the ICU for about 5 minutes and interacted with Rahul’s mother. The whole time Geeta's eyes was filled with tears and could not resist herself. The Chief Minister consoled Rahul's mother affectionately and said that it was our duty. Every citizen's life is precious to us. Mr. Baghel also spoke to Rahul and took information about his condition.
The Chief Minister said that the entire rescue team has done a  commendable job and it was our duty to save Rahul. Mr. Baghel said that the state government will incur the expenses of Rahul's education, you need not worry about it. The Chief Minister also directed the doctors to provide better and proper treatment to Rahul.


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