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Women groups to take charge of children's nutrition: Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai


Women Self-Help Groups to resume management of Ready-to-Eat

Praising the State Government's decision, women from SHGs thank Chief Minister for restoring responsibilities

Raipur : The state government has decided to entrust the operation of ready-to-eat to women's groups once again under the 'Modi ki Guarantee'.

"The state government has made a very thoughtful decision to address the employment and livelihood crisis faced by us women. We are all overjoyed with this decision. It will empower thousands of women in the affected groups and restore their lost confidence," said the women associated with Self-Help Groups during their interaction with Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai today at his office located in the Chhattisgarh Vidhansabha.
Women Self-Help Groups to resume management of Ready-to-Eat

Expressing their gratitude, the women further stated, "We, the women from 1786 women's groups across the state, wholeheartedly thank you for this decision."

Women from 30 districts, from Surguja to Bastar, informed the Chief Minister that all women involved in the operation of Ready to Eat are extremely pleased with his decision and wish to express their gratitude to him and the Chhattisgarh Government by organizing a function in his honour. They also extended an invitation to the Chief Minister for the event.

Representatives from all divisions across the state mentioned that nearly 26,000 women from the 1786 groups were directly involved in the operation of 'Ready to Eat' across the state. However, the previous government had deprived the women of their work. About 3 lakh people, including the family members of the women, were directly and indirectly affected by this, leading to many difficulties over the past years and causing a significant crisis in their livelihoods. Now, the government led by Chief Minister Shri Sai has understood their plight and made this thoughtful decision in their interest.

The women stated that they used the income generated from the 'Ready to Eat' operation to support their entire families. Besides, they did not have to depend on others for money during times of need, festivals, or special occasions. However, since their employment was snatched away, they have been facing financial difficulties. With the state government's decision to hand over the operation of Ready to Eat back to women's groups, they are hopeful of regaining employment opportunities.

Chief Minister told the women that Ready to Eat is crucial for the nutrition and health of our children, and its quality will be given special attention. He added that the government's intention is to ensure that children receive proper nutrition, and they are determined to achieve this goal. Deputy Chief Minister Shri Vijay Sharma and Food Minister Shri Dayaldas Baghel were also present on the occasion.

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